One of the reasons why beaded bracelets are becoming more and more popular these days in the fashion world is because of its healing powers. Yes, you read it right. These cool-looking beads are not only good for making you look edgy and hip, but it also believed to have with healing powers because of the beads that they are made of. If this piqued your interest, then this article is definitely for you!

RoyalMen Beaded Bracelets

RoyalMen is one of the most trusted names online for those who are searching for luxury and style. This online hub is selling most of the exclusive fashion products specifically designed for men. Their jewelry collection features ALL NATURAL gemstones. Aside from that, they also offer real silver and gold pieces.

Whether you are purchasing a piece of jewelry for yourself, or as a present, their products can surely impress the receiver. RoyalMen was created by a group of friends who has the same passion for luxury products. They are determined to offer their clients with high-quality bracelets and other luxury items that even them as the owners would proudly wear.

Healing Powers Of RoyalMen Beads

As mentioned above, RoyalMen is using genuine gems only. This is why their beads have healing powers. We have a new year ahead of us and nobody knows what to expect, healthwise. So to add to your protection, learn more about these beads’ healing powers. They might come in handy for you.

  • Agate. This is one of the oldest healing stones that exists until today. Back in the day, Agate was used in the armors’ breastplates. They are believed to bring strength and make the warriors victorious in battles. If you have an Agate jewelry, it can protect you and heal you, which is why this is the perfect amulet or talisman.
  • Bloodstone. If you need something to heal your mind, body, and spirit this year, then bloodstone jewelry is definitely what you need. This is a powerhouse when it comes to restoring and rebuilding both your mind and your body. This is the most important jewelry that you need to bring your spirit back to its natural state of joy and improve vitality.
  • Dalmatian Jasper. Dalmatian dogs are very friendly to humans. The Dalmatian Jasper jewelry is the same – they can be your best friend especially at times that you are at your lowest point. The dalmatian jasper can protect you when your energy is under attack.
  • Hematite Grounding Gemstone. If you feel like this gem is calling you, this might mean that you need something to ground you or balance your life. As soon as this gemstone touches your skin, you will instantly feel more centered and you will become calmer. This is because of its intense but very subtle vibrations.
  • According to RoyalMen, Labradorite is the best stone in their list when it comes to fighting off an existential crisis in life. The native people of icy Canada strongly believes that this stone was created from a frozen fire as a result of the northern lights. While other stones will keep you grounded to the earth, the labradorite will encourage us to keep our heads in the clouds.
  • Lapis Lazuli. If you need spiritual enlightenment, the Lapis Lazuli crystal is exactly what you need in your life. This gemstone will help you go deep within your spirits and awaken our true destiny and our divine purpose.
  • If you have an intense and mysterious vibe with the Obsidian crystal, it is a sign that you need a deep psychic cleansing. This is what the obsidian can do which is why it is referred to as “psychic vacuum cleaner.” They act as a bodyguard of your soul and they protect you from shadow traits such as addiction, anxiety, and also anger.

The RoyalMen pieces of jewelry are not only classy and trendy, but they also have healing benefits that we would surely need in our lives. Choose from the gemstones that they make as their jewelry and find out which of them do you badly need to make your life better.