Proper Cleaning and Maintenance Tips of Your Bongs

Smokers consider bongs because it looks awesome and it offers a great smoking experience. The bong is a water filtration device that allows smoother hits even at cheaper prices. Simply put, bongs are great but when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you are not a big fan.

There are some smokers who do not have the patience when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their bongs while there are others who go the extra mile just to preserve the pristine condition of their bongs. If you are still starting with your collection of bongs, it is imperative that you know proper cleaning and maintenance to preserve its condition and ultimately save money in the long run.

Cleaning tips for your bongs

Here are some tips for cleaning your bongs properly:

  1. Pour the dirty water out: the first thing to do is to pour the dirty water out and Initially flush the inside with warm and clean water. Empty the water out of the bong.
  2. Pour a cleaning solution: after initially flushing the inside with warm and clean water, it is time that you pour a cleaning solution. Choose a solution that is made for cleaning resin out of pipes. After this, you need to cover the opening.
  3. Wait or shake the bong vigorously: you can wait for a little while before you shake the bong or you can immediately shake it vigorously right after pouring the solution. This is done to remove resin or help loosen it.
  4. Use pipe brush: if you see stubborn spots after shaking the bong vigorously, it is time that you use pipe brush.
  5. Pour and rinse: finally, pour the cleaning solution and rinse it with warm water. If it looks hazy, you need to wash it one more time with a cleaning solution before rinsing it with warm water.

Maintenance tips for your bongs

Here are some tips for maintaining your bongs properly:

  1. Keeping the mold away: mold is an unpleasant thing and you can avoid it by cleaning the glass weekly. On top of that, you need to ensure that you always replace the water. If you do not remove dirty water right away, it will be difficult to get rid of it.
    1. Use filtered water: there are times that you will see water stains. Water stains come from unfiltered water or tap water minerals. If you want to avoid this, you should discipline yourself by using only filtered water. When you are cleaning, initially use tap water then rinse it out with filtered water.
    1. Secure your bong: if you carry your bong whenever you are traveling, it is prudent to invest in a bag that will protect its integrity. If you do not look after its integrity, scratches and breakage are possible. Remember that once you have a scratch, it will be difficult to remove it
  1. Put your bong in its rightful place: glass bongs are susceptible to breakage. With this, you need to ensure that you put it in its rightful place. Do not leave it on the edge of the tables or anywhere that it could get knocked over easily.