A Guide to Watch-Wearing

Now if you go by the title you may find it silly, after all, how hard is it to wear a watch? However, wearing a watch that pulls your outfit together is so much more than just sliding it onto your wrist. Men who are keen with style know that the right colored shoes go well with complementary accessories like a watch and a belt.

Many times, men make the mistake of pairing the wrong watch with the incorrect outfit, and this throws the whole outfit out of order. Knowing the etiquettes behind watch wearing will make help you avoid that faux fashion pass; if you are on a budget, you can always opt for luxury replica watches and still manage to look ultra-stylish.

Wear Your Watch on the Wrist That Suits You:

This is an old rule of thumb, and it says that you should wear the watch on the non-dominant hand. However, if you are not comfortable with this rule of thumb you can always wear on the hand you feel most comfortable in.

Never Pair a Dive Watch with A Suit:

Please don’t go by what you see on movie stars, they are endorsed to wear such watches with a suit, and that does not mean that you have to do the same. Dive watches tend to be bulky, and they won’t fit under a suit jacket comfortably. Leave the dive watch for casual wear and pair your suave suit with a great dress watch to complete the look.

Wear the Right Shade:

This means that you need to match dark with dark, and light with light. If you are stepping out during the day consider wearing a dial that has a light face like white or beige, and if you are heading for a night out you can go for dials that have darker shades like black or grey.

Pair the Watch Appropriately:

Now, you wouldn’t sit at a beach with a morning coat, would you? You would also never wear a dress watch while sailing. So always try and match the watch to your outfit of the day and the occasion you are attending. If you are restraining yourself from going overboard and spending too much on watches, then you can always go for luxury replica watches and still look fancy and stylish.

If you are invited for a formal event or a gathering that has a dress code, then a simple dress watch is more than enough and will look sleek and classy along with a great fitting tuxedo.