Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage consumed worldwide by a large demographic group. Beer is a drink that does not need any particular case. It is relatively cheaper than most alcohol, so it can be found almost everywhere. Beer parties or Keggers are very popular. It is also part of the many drinking games. A popular drinker is called Beer Pong.

A beer pong is played between two teams of two or more players

The game begins with each team standing on both sides of the table. They must stand behind their pile of glasses or cups. The table used is usually a ping-pong table. Players can also use folding tables for banquets or custom tables. There are also portable or inflatable tables. In essence, the game requires a flat surface, which can be a regular dining table or even a surfboard supported to form the table. Each team has six, ten or twelve cups and ping-pong balls. Usually there are no hard and fast rules for the game. The basic rule is that each team must throw ping-pong balls into cups on the other side. If any team loses the game, they will be asked to drain any remaining beer cups onto the table as a fine. The game is very fun and is played in several colleges and university parties, as well as in some games of the rear doors.

Types of tables to buy

Although you can use almost any table available at home to play Beer Pong, there are still many different types of tables that you can buy. Tables are available in different colors and with several patterns on them. Some tables can be customized for clients with specific ideas about how their tables should be. Interesting innovations such as inflatable tabletops were also noticed. There are even illuminated tables that increase the excitement of the game. There are certain tables called snow tables, which are equipped with cup holders that keep beer cold. For places with limited space there are also folding tables. Folding tables are easy to store. Tables for beer pong can be very painful in any decoration, if it is not a party. Thus, before the party the table can be taken out, collected and saved as soon as the party ends. You can also find really large tables that can hold about 150 cups. Some tabletops have only an aluminum skeleton frame. These tables increase the difficulty of the game and increase the fun. Sometimes foosball tables can be turned into beer pong tables so you can play either of the two games.

If you decide to invest in a table for beer pong, try to get a quality product with beer pong table with free delivery. There are many places where you can buy tables online.