Online shopping is the act of buying goods and items in the world wide web. The concept of buying online has been very popular these past few years since its very easy to do. Because it’s so popular that even some retail companies are getting an online store and even an online app just to have a piece of that market. While there are a lot of smart online shoppers that are out there, there are still people that are still discovering it.

Even if you’re used to buying online there will always be a first time to buy in a different category. Although there are general things that you do online to keep you safe, a different or a new category proves to be a challenge on its own. Take the jewelry category for example, unlike tech products where class A or EOM doesn’t exist, in jewelry there is a lot of fraud and because you can’t inspect the item or prove its authenticity, it’s like you’re buying blind. Although the risks are high, there are legitimate websites out there that sells really good pieces of jewelry.

Buy from a known seller: Online platforms have a lot of sellers and not all of them are legitimate. If you want to really buy some legitimate jewelry, buy from stores that have their own website. Having a website means they are serious with their business. Including sites that has all the information that you will need to trust them like safe payment methods, company address and even feedback from various people that ordered from the site.


Buy from a seller that has some good reviews online: If a seller is good or bad, most likely there are people that will write good or bad reviews about them and reviews these days can be found in an online platform like social media, forums, blogs and many many more. Not only will you be able to know whether the seller is either good or bad but also know a few of their strengths or weaknesses if there are any.

Customer service and returns policy: If there are other things that people want to have, its to be treated nicely and have a company that has a sense of ownership when it comes to refunds and returns. A jewelry isn’t cheap and if you’re going to buy one might as well be treated nicely for your patronage right? A mark of a good company means having exceptional customer service and has good refunds and returns policy even if you’re not paying with any safe payment methods.

Shopping for jewelry is unlike any other, this is because the category has more risks that are the same as shoes and garments, the only problem is that a jewelry is high priced so buying one is a risk. Although there are ways to make it safe like paying for a safe payment method, the fact that you’re buying a jewelry means you’re still at risks, paying safe still puts you at risk. One of the ways to minimize the risk is by buying from a trusted site, do some research on that jewelry store site as well. If you’re looking for an online jewellery store Melbourne, visit KESHETT VINTAGE COLLECTION.