Makeup can be a bit complicated for beginners. Stella Tu – Makeup artist in Melbourne is one of the best makeup artists there is. Make sure to check out their website for all your makeup needs. Makeup tips are important for beginners who are curious to try it out. Check out these tips that will be helpful for you as you start your makeup journey.

  1. Eyeshadow – You can own a neutral eyeshadow. Having many palettes with different colors might be a bit confusing when you’re just grappling with this whole new experience. Owning a neutral colored palette eyeshadow will perfectly compliment your different clothing selections.
  1. Plastic spoon – It can be used to easily apply your favorite black mascara without the hassle of applying it accidentally on your skin or under your eyes. It saves you time and it also reduces unnecessary mess that could be avoided.
  1. Broken eyeshadow – Say goodbye to broken eyeshadow palettes. You can fix it by mixing a small amount of alcohol to it and by pressing it tightly together and allowing it to dry.
  1. Lip and eye color – Wearing lipstick and eyeshadow can be a bit tricky. Make sure to wear colors of the same color wheel to make it work perfectly.
  1. Scotch tape – You can use scotch tape for easy application of eye liner and eyeshadow. For beginners, creating the perfect smoky eye or cat eye effect can be a bit challenging. With the use of scotch tape, you can easily apply your eye liner or eye shadow without worrying about the smudges .
  1. Foundation – By carefully picking the right shade and formula, you can perfectly enhance your beauty. Always have in mind to use the correct skin tone color that matches your skin tone. It can be a trial and error in the beginning and that is perfectly okay. Test out a few before deciding to buy one.
  1. Bronzer/Blush Duo – Why buy both separately when there are available options that come in one container. Check out Stella Tu – Makeup artist in Melbourne and you cango to their website and you can also consult them for your makeup needs.
  1. Eye highlights – Eyes are beautiful and needs to be complimented every time you are putting on makeup. By using proper light and dark shades accordingly you can make your eyes pop and enhance its natural beauty.
  1. Eye Bags – Sometimes when concealing under eye bags, the usual practice is to put concealer and hope it will do its job. The proper action is to highlight the crease under the eyes and then highlight a darker shade on the puffy area under the eyes.
  1. Clumpy Mascara – When the mascara dries out and form lumps,it can bea tad messy when applying it on your eyelashes. It is a common mistake when applying mascara, there is a tendency to pump the wand to get more mascara in it. By pumping its wand, you are introducing more air which actually causes it to dry faster.

Makeup is not just a tool for making someone beautiful. It is useful for enhancing someone’s natural beauty. With a few tips and tricks, anyone can start using simple makeup and with practice they can learn all the different ways of applying makeup easily.