Imagine yourself visiting a perfume shop, talking to the salespeople and being bullied into buying a fragrance that you didn’t like much and returning home thinking that all you did was waste time and money. Not a pleasant scenario, right?

Well, you can fix this situation by following some simple tips mentioned here on how to shop for perfume and not be intimidated. Just scroll down.

Ø  Know Your Preferences

When you think of buying perfume for yourself, you should begin by asking yourself some basic questions like what’s your personality, your style, your favorite hobby, your favorite smells, and your favorite flower. Think of all the smells that attract you from the smell of the earth after rain or the smell of fresh roses. If you are unsure, then you can also take a quiz to decide which fragrance will suit you best.

Ø  Do Some Research

Once you have some idea about which scent you like according to your personality, then you need to move onto this step. Go open a search engine and visit top perfume providing website in your area. For instance, if you are in Canada and you are looking for a good online fragrance outlet, then you can trust Fragrance 365 ( Once you have visited the website, read fragrance descriptions and decide which seems enticing enough to spend your money on.

Ø  Smartly Handle the Sales Associates

If you are often intimidated by sales associates or the online sales advisors who just want you to try the fragrance they think will suit you and push it then you need to learn to tackle them. You can do that by oozing confidence the moment you step into a store or visit an online fragrance provider. You can then get started by explaining what you are looking for in a fragrance and politely ask them to steer you in the right direction. In most instances, they will. If they don’t, you can simply pick another store or online shop.

Ø  Learn About Notes

In case you remember trying a particular fragrance and liking it then you should find more about what notes were there in that fragrance. It will give you an idea of which notes you are partial to. For instance, if you find that you like fragrances with vanilla in it, you can filter your search accordingly and most likely reach a right decision.

Ø  Try Before You Buy

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a fragrance online or offline, you can’t buy a fragrance without trying it first. Most companies and online sellers offer free samples to potential users to help lure them. So, you should ask for samples first before spending any money. If the seller you have selected doesn’t provide free samples, you can go through this interesting perfume sampling providers list and use any of the listed websites to get a sample that meets your requirements.

Once you find the perfect product, ask for deals and offers as the sales representatives will rarely share the details without you asking them first. So, be bold and ask!