People nowadays are fond of smoking cigarettes wherever they are. According to the smokers, it alleviate stress and gives relief and pleasure. In accordance to that, people smoke because they see it to their peers and friends that’s why they intend to try and get addicted. Cigarette smoking is one of the main cause of lung cancer and other respiratory disorders especially when it is use excessively. You can use alternative cigarettes such as electronic vapes or the new invention made in United Kingdom, the iqos cigarette buy on online stores at the world wide web.

The IQOS Cigarette

IQOS cigarettes are called as “heat-not-burn” meaning IQOS cigarettes are not burning just like a classic cigarette. IQOS cigarettes doesn’t have any ashes residue, no smoke and it only have a bit of smell. The device is actually has mini tobacco Heets where it is heated 350 degrees unlike a classic cigarette where it heats approximately 800 degrees. You should consider iqos cigarette buy it online.

When the IQOS is heated, it produces Tobacco Aerosol but it is not burning. According to the maker, the heets used in IQOS are composed of alternative tobacco and glycerin. IQOS are much different from electronic cigarettes because electronic cigarettes produces smoke from the vaporized liquid that is usually holds nicotine. The aim of IQOS cigarettes is to lessen the traditional cigarette users and to reduce the second hand smoke that can be inhaled to non-smokers.

The Selling Website:

The website is based at United KIngdom and if offers different types of IQOS cigarette kits such as classic and limited edition kits ranging to 75 GBP to 110 GBP. Aside from kits, they also offers variety of heets which is used on IQOS cigarettes – they are available in menthol, mild and strongest taste. Each box of heets are cost 50 GBP and each box of heet has 200 pieces of heets inside. In addition to that, they also offer cleaning kits costing 4 GBP and it has 30 sticks inside. If you’re interested to buy, you can directly check the website.


Smoking is scientifically not good in our health. It can cause to addiction and lead to lungs disorder or respiratory tract infections. You should also consider other effects of cigarette smoking in your body as well as the people around you. Second hand smoke is more risky that the user itself. You can use alternatives such as electronic cigarettes or use IQOS cigarettes.