Marriage is considered to be a sacred relationship; the foundation of which is laid down on trust, mutual understanding and unconditional love. But very often, for the first few months or years,couples live happily, feeling only love for each other. During the later stages, love recedes, and is taken over by misunderstanding and mistrust. A relationship filled with love hits rocky ground with frequent fights and hatred. This is not unusual. But just when you see your married life is getting troublesome, that is exactly when you should seek help; go for a marriage counseling.

Every marriage goes through ups and downs. During the initial days after marriage, newlyweds are passionate and feel only love for each other. Fights occur sporadically but subside quickly. Later on, after a few months, the couple enters the realization phase in which both see each other as human beings and begin to discover their faults and it is here that conflicts start to build up.

Happy couple reconciling at therapy session in therapists office

These conflicts then grow on to become never-ending quarrels and the couple starts to develop hatred for one another. Thus, the marriage suffers and often even reach the brink of separation. But what many couples do not realize is that, sometimes all it needs is a few goodcounseling sessions. All marriages are savable. The marriages that fail are the ones in which either parties; the husband or the wife completely refuses to hear each other out and reach a level of mutual understanding.

The marriage counseling session often tries to resolve the differences between couples through a series of segments that involve expressing their emotions and talking about the issues that caused the rift between the two. Further during the session, the counselor may give the couple exercises or assignments; like some communication exercises which they are to practice at home in their daily lives and thendiscuss with the counselor the following day regarding their experience.

Most of the couples that seek this sort of therapy might be faced with either one of these issues:

  • Anger management
  • Financial issues
  • Sexual problems
  • Communication difficulties
  • Parenting challenges
  • Infidelity
  • Substance abuse
  • Divorce

Whatever the reason may be, the moment a couple understands that there are rifts between them, it is always better that they seek help from a third party. And it is always good that this third party is a professional counsellor as his/her opinions and evaluations will be unbiased. Having dedicated their entire lives to the cause, they are indeed the experts to turn to during marriage troubles. If you see that your marriage is suffering, it is better you book an appointment with the counselor; the sooner the better!