What You Need To Know Before Your Big Day

City Hall weddings can be simpler than you through. When in bigger weddings you would need weeks and even months to prepare for it, San Francisco City Hall weddings are much easier to manage. But still, there are important things to keep in mind to make your special day a success.

Small things that we think are not important might be the cause of delay on the date of your wedding. This is the reason why it is best to have everything settled way before the big day to avoid any hassle. Here are some of the things that you should consider to make your wedding day run smoothly.

The Reservations.

Reservations are the first thing that you should do first. You need to make two. One for your marriage license and the other is for your ceremony. Reservations with San Francisco City Hall will be 90 days prior to the ceremony date. For holidays or weekends, it is best to book the place as soon as your 90-day window is open. Valentine’s Day and special number dates, you need to make the reservations as soon as possible since these are very popular.


The reservations can be personally made from Mondays to Fridays between 10:00 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon. City Hall usually books three weddings at a time and each ceremony time is good for 30 minutes. The payment for the reservation will be at the time that you reserve it. Remember that the reservations cannot be changed once it’s booked. This goes to the date and time as well.

The Reservation Fees

The Marriage License is $108. If your ceremony is in the Rotunda or in a private ceremony room, there will be an additional charge of $81. You can visit https://www.iqphoto.com/cityhall/ if you want to know more about the updated fees. It’s for $1002 if you want the wedding to be on the Mayor’s Balcony or the 4th Floor where you will be given a one-hour time slot. You can also make your reservations online. You just have to visit the Online Civil Ceremony Reservations where you can book using Visa or Mastercard for an additional $5 transaction fee.

Weddings on a Weekend

Since the weekend is not a regular working day schedule, there are questions if they can book their wedding ceremony on a weekend. Yes! The San Francisco City Hall caters to evening or weekend ceremonies as well. You can contact the Special Events office at 554-6079 to book a reservation.

To avoid delays on your wedding day, these are just a few of the things that you should make sure are done before the big day. These are the factors that can affect the success of your wedding, so you have to process it as soon as possible to avoid the hassle. It is best if you can make a checklist of the things to do so that everything will be covered you will not forget even a single task that needs to be done.