When it comes to cooking, some people love it and some can think of nothing worse. However, it has become a necessity in human life and with technological advances. There’s no need to struggle in the kitchen any longer whether you’re a novice or fully-fledged chef. There are now gadgets that can enhance your cooking experience with apps and smart technology coming to the fore. No longer should you wonder about cooking times or even what to cook, technology’s got your back. Here are the must-have innovative gadgets:

  • DropIdeal for baking where precise measuring is necessary, Drop is a kitchen scale which connect to a recipe app on your phone. This way, when you measure ingredients the app will tell you exactly when you have enough and there’s no way to have too much or too little. The app gives you interactive recipes which you can follow along with for fool-proof baking!
  • SmartyPansThe humble frying pan has been transformed by this company, making not so humble anymore. The SmartyPans have built-in sensors which can detect the weight, ideal temperature and cooking time for whatever you’re wanting to cook. These pans can also connect to an app on your smartphone, this way you’ll be told to increase or decrease the heat in real-time as well as when your food is cooked.Another awesome feature is that it can tell you the calories you’ll be eating from what you’re cooking instead of you figuring it out yourself.It also has the usual heat resistant plating and is completely dishwasher safe.

  • MAID OvenThis smart microwave is the perfect partner for the calorie-conscious cook. It is connected to a database of recipes and suggests dinner, lunch or breakfast meals based on your calorie allowance for the day. So, you never have to wonder again what’s for dinner?
  • SearzallThis is a tool for the professionals like those at Chef Works who wear the white jackets and stylish hats.It’s an attachment for your blowtorch which evens out the heat of the flame without giving off that gas smell. Searzall was designed byBooker & Dax and creates a perfect searing heat for your crème brûleé, cheese topping or Italian meringue.
  • Meld

    When cooking with gas it can sometimes be difficult to find the right temperature and often you can end up burning your pots or boiling over your pasta making it rather tricky. This stove top system controls each burner ensuring that the correct heat is conducted depending on what you are wanting to do, it is connected to a recipe-filled app which is a great source of delicious meals. It will also turn down the heat for you when needed so that you don’t have to. Who says stoves can’t be robots?