Every bride wants to look radiant when walking down the aisle but getting the perfect glow can sometimes be tricky. In such case you need a tanning expert to help you become the bronzed goddess on your wedding day. With a bridal airbrush tan, everyone including the groom will be astonished. You will look back at your wedding day pictures for years to come and wished you never got older. The bone of contention here is not about looking beautiful but making sure you look like you. You don’t want to appear painted orange, against a white dress. That will be disastrous! For this reason, you need to seek professional help. And find a salon which specializes in a natural tan. Do your homework because almost every salon claims they do, but the results may not be what you consider natural. Ask to see photos and definitely book a trial tan. These tanning professionals at Gotham Glow are experts when it comes to giving you that glowy look.

Many things come to mind with regard to looking beautiful for your big day. These include makeup, hair and more importantly tanning. Bridal airbrush tan is key to getting the perfect look. Gone are the days when most brides considered a spray tan taboo. Reason being that they don’t want to look at their wedding picture and see themselves looking weird with an obvious deep spray tanned look. These days, there are professional tans that complement all complexions. So regardless of your skin color and tone, there is a perfect bridal airbrush tan for you. For brides to be trying to look their best on their big day, bridal airbrush tanning is a must have

The first step in achieving a gorgeous tan is having a clean, freshly washed skin using exfoliators that don’t have oils. By so doing, the tan will develop evenly. Also, do not forget to shave or wax at least 24 hours before having your bridal airbrush tan so your pores will be open. This also helps guarantee an even tone, thus giving the perfect glow.

Another important factor is choosing the right salon for your bridal airbrush tan. Prior to settling for one, test out the process a few weeks before your wedding day to make sure they provide just what you need. This way, you will familiarize yourself with the salon’s bridal airbrush tanning procedures before getting perfect glow for your big day. A trial test with the salon of your choosing few weeks before your wedding day affords you more time to allow the original tan fade away and exfoliate off your skin before booking a new appointment for your big day. In addition, it is important to know how long the tan will last, at least you can still have it for a few extra days during your honeymoon.

Finally, it is advisable to have your 2 days before your wedding day. This will allow the tan settle evenly on your skin, which in turn gives you that perfect radiant glow on your wedding day. For a sparkling look on your wedding day, choose a professional salon for a glamorous bridal airbrush tan