Sports are enjoyed by people all over the world.  Different countries have different sports which are played in the best manner by them.  We talk about cricket, football, tennis but hardly discuss one favorite sports baseball. Well, people already know about the game and every other kind of activities related to a match but here we will be focusing on an interesting subject. People often play baseball with friends in colleges and universities.  Apart from the game style, there is something which intrigues people and that is the gloves used in baseball.  The best youth baseball gloves are an interesting element which should be discussed to bring more enthusiasm in the game.

Baseball gloves usually come in different shapes and sizes.  The design depends on the position one plays and the level of the game.  Let’s discuss the different types of baseball gloves that are available

  • Catchers mitt- This type of gloves has a thumb pocket instead of fingers. The design is quite effectively done with heavy padding which will, in turn, reduce the impact from the pitchers throw and is durable enough throughout the game. Catchers mitt is one of the best youth baseball gloves available.
  • First base mitts- This type is very similar to the catchers mitt. It has got less padding and a shallow pocket.
  • Infield gloves- This is a five-fingered glove which has a shallow pocket for transferring the ball to the infielder.  This glove is mainly used by a baseman, shortstops, third baseman and pitchers.
  • Outfielder gloves- This type of gloves have got very deep pockets and are specially designed to create impact for fly balls.  The glove has a longer length which helps for more reach and range.
  • Softball gloves-   it is a kind of glove which has an oversized pocket to catch the large softballs.  This is mainly used if a person wants to play for different position.

Well these are generally the type of gloves that are used while playing a baseball match.  Now while buying a glove it is important to make a proper selection.

  • Don’t buy a large glove that doesn’t fit your arm- It is necessary to buy a glove which fits your arm. Proper size glove is the basic criteria while buying a glove. Exact size glove gives good comfort while playing.
  • Always check the quality of the glove- A person should always check the quality and never compromise on that. A poor quality glove will hamper the game in a bad way.  Along with a bad game, you may also get hurt by using a poor quality glove.
  • Never buy a stiff glove- A stiff glove should not be bought as it will be very hard to break.  Always buy a glove which can be broken easily for a better game.

In a baseball match apart from the costume and other features glove is the most important thing that should be bought with good knowledge.  Every person should have a prior knowledge on gloves before buying it.