Do you like playing with air guns? Are you a real air soft player? Whether you are a fun loving person or you are a real air soft player, the Air soft pistol has been developed with high quality air soft quality and thus has been appreciated for it best design and quality by all of us. Well the air soft pistol has been developed with CO2 or green gas formula and hence is also safe for use as well as practicing shots. We had always been finding the right platform to get the air soft pistol and in order to get a best airsoft pistol read the full article and then acknowledge the decision.

How to find best air soft pistol?

The GBB, CO2 or green gas pistol are considered the most preferable air soft pistols for all of us. If it is a plan for making fun out along with friends or if you are a real player of air soft, you are going to get the best airsoft pistol along with high quality and a reasonable rate. It hardly matters, whether if you are a beginner as a player for learning shoots or you are a parent who has wish to get a birthday present to your child  which is quite wicked, the air shot pistols are the best.

Best selling air soft pistols

Air soft pistols have been playing a great role in the market. The CO2 or the green gas pistol is the most appreciated air soft pistol. Some of its common types are as under:

  • KJW M9 Airsoft pistol

The KJW M9 air soft pistol is the most vibrant pistol in the market. It has the black color full metal body and the dimension of it is 8.5” long and 5.25” tall along with a barrel length which is 5”. The weight of the gun is mostly 1.9 lbs and is compatible to the green gas as well as CO2.

  • KWA ATP Airsoft pistol

The KWA ATP has been pointed as one of the best airsoft pistol and is the highest runner up in the race of the air soft pistol. A 3 dot sight is a standard fitting offered in the air soft pistol and is counted among the top 5% accuracy. Another major fact about an air soft pistol is that it ranges are max up to 130 feet.

  • Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1

Above all of the mentioned air soft pistol, the Tokyo Marui Hi- CAPA 5.1 is considered as also one of the best airsoft pistol and hence the dimension of it is 8.75” in length and the inner barrel length is of 4.7”. It weights up to 1.9 lbs with an empty mag and the shooting level of the pistol is approximately 280 FPS.

In short, we can say that the above mentioned pistols are the best airsoft pistol and hence are been selling in a bulk in the market. People have been regarding it as the most appreciated air soft pistols.