Here are some tips for you

Transgender individuals face a lot of problems in their day to day life. Besides being in the wrong bathroom, shopping for clothes can also prove to be troublesome. Here are some tips that can prove to be helpful for you.

Opt for compression garments

When it comes to FTM transition process, the patient’s garments play an important role in making the transition process smooth. Compression or specially designed garments are the most recommended by specialists.  Compression clothing can help in easing the pain, bruising, and swelling after surgery. These garments are also recommended for people who have recently undergone a surgical procedure.

crossdressing lingerie

Uncomfortable garments can result in a build-up of certain fluids around the area that has undergone surgery. This can also cause swelling and issues related to blood circulation.

This clothing is also used by transgender individuals who wish to hide their breasts. It helps such persons to present themselves confidently.

Depending on the surgery, surgeons recommend their patients to wear these garments during the first 48 hours after completing the procedure. Some are even urged to wear such clothing for a period of three to four weeks.

Specially designed undergarments

Surveys suggest that most of the transgender individuals depend on post-surgery undergarments or those meant for cross-dressers. They are also forced to buy regular undergarments and then make DIY adjustments in them because brands have completely ignored this segment.

Fortunately, since the last two years, several designers have launched specially designed undergarments that are not just attractive but offer a high-level of comfort as well.

Cy Lauz, the owner of garment manufacturing brand-Chrysalis recently interacted with journalists and shared her opinion on garments for transgender. Her brand caters to trans-women in the UK and some other countries.

“Lack of availability of garments can prove to be disheartening and can also cause a psychological impact on the person. On the other hand, if there are products for you, it indicates that people appreciate your existence,” said the designer.

There are some trustworthy websites like TransLife UK that offer a wide range of crossdressing lingerie.

Buy carefully

There’s a little to worry about if you are in a country that protects transgender individuals with laws.

Fortunately, these days, there are several online as well as high-street shops that offer cross dresses.  However, one must have all the necessary details like the size for the shoes, undergarments, top, skirt, etc. to make sure that you buy clothes that are not too tight or too loose.

Even if you look younger than people from your age group, it’s advisable to buy garments that are suitable for men/women belonging to your age group. One should avoid attracting unwanted attention with crop tops and mini-skirts, especially, if you have not worn them before.  If you wish to blend in just fine, just wear clothes that women from your age group and locality would commonly prefer to opt for.

Do not hesitate to use the trial room if you are not sure about the size for garments. If you are buying online, purchase from a website that offers a buyer-friendly returns policy.