The vacuum cleaner is the most effective cleaning tool. It can be expensive; it is based upon the brand you are choosing. There are many varieties of vacuum cleaner with various features. So before you buy any small vacuum cleaner better ensure that you should know about the various types of vacuum cleaner that absolutely suits to your needs.

The choosing of the best vacuum cleaner is little confusing task. To avoid those confusions you should know clearly about the different types of vacuum cleaner, what are their main features, and which type of flooring you will be using a vacuum cleaner.

There are two major types of vacuum cleaner. They are: cylinder and the upright. Both these types have both advantages as well as disadvantages. So, before deciding if you should buy the upright or a cylinder, you should ask a few questions in your mind. The following procedure can help you to solve those answers.

The upright vacuum cleaners are somewhat heavier than the vacuum cylinders. An upright vacuum cleaner is difficult to manage and it is not suitable to clean the small spaces and gaps. If weight is the great issue, then canister vacuum is suitable to you. Many uprights are come with some attachments, which help you to clean the small places. You can search for the lightest cleaner. There are many varieties available based on your needs. The main advantage of the upright vacuum cleaner is its suction power. The motor is nearer to the vacuum head.

The cylinder vacuum cleaners are very much easy to use. This is because the motor units are very small and you can clean the large area with its head and you need not move the motor portion. Most of the vacuum cylinder cleaners come with the attachments that are mounted inside for quick retrieval. Some vacuum cleaners are designed to make less noise.

Both the canister and the upright vacuum cleaners offer many features to clean in a better way and are more convenient and safe. There are some main features some under the vacuum cleaners. More the number of features, the prize of vacuum cleaner will be more.


The main and the important feature of the vacuum cleaner is its suction power. The suction capacity may depend on the wattage of power acquired by the motor. The more watts acquired by the vacuum, the more power to suction.

Bag or Bag less

This is one of the latest and the confusing feature on much type of vacuum cleaners. Till recently, all the vacuum cleaners collect the dirt into the bag. But this changed when the latest technology vacuum cleaners came into the market. The main disadvantage of bag in the vacuum cleaner may reduce the suction capacity of the motor if it fills up. But the bag less vacuum cleaners in the market does not use the dust bags but induces the suction by means of centrifugal force. But the main disadvantage of the bag less vacuum cleaner is that it is more expensive when compared to the normal vacuum cleaner.